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FMCG Distribution

Warehouse Automation

Project Challenges

  • To design an effective storage and picking system to handle 80,000 SKUs
  • The system needed to fulfil 3,000 cases per hour
  • Bulk pallet storage and carton storage are at 2 different levels of the building, hence a need for effective break bulk and  transfer system
  • System must be able to handle pick and pack of full cartons or loose items
  • System must cater for B2B and also e-commerce platform.


  • VNA pallet racking system to house 10,000 pallets
  • 3-tier shelving system for carton storage
  • Carton flow rack for piece pick items
  • High speed sorter machine
  • On-Line labelling machine
  • Pick-to-Light system
  • High speed lifter for transfer between the 2 levels
  • WCS and WMS interface